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Inspire Therapy

Inspire Therapy

This FDA-approved implantable upper airway stimulation device functions like a pacemaker and stabilizes a patient’s throat during sleep to prevent obstruction.

The device consists of three components: a programmable neurostimulator located in a chest pocket, a pressure-sensing lead that detects the patient’s breathing, and a stimulator lead that delivers mild stimulation to the tongue nerve. Once activated, the device is controlled by a handheld remote control.

Dr. Weidenbecher has pioneered several surgical techniques around Inspire surgery including the minimally invasive implant approach using only 2 small incisions instead of the previously required 3. This 2-incision approach has since been adopted by hundreds of other sleep surgeons. Dr. Weidenbecher also developed a surgical technique that improves intraoperative visualization of the tongue nerve, which allows for better stimulation lead placement and results in better outcomes after Inspire surgery. 

Dr. Weidenbecher’s selected research articles on Inspire:

  1. Minimal Invasive 2 incision technique for Inspire implantation can be found HERE.
  2. Comparing 2- versus 3-incisions technique outcomes can be found HERE.
  3. New surgical technique to place Inspire lead around the tongue nerve can be found HERE.


Inspire surgery is done under general anesthesia using 2 incisions along the right chest and the chin. The Inspire generator (which is about the size of a matchbox) and the sensing lead, which monitors breathing, will be inserted through the chest incision. A wire is then tunneled under the skin from the generator to the chin incision to connect the device to the tongue nerve. The procedure takes approximately 60 minutes and is usually performed as an outpatient surgery. Recovery time is up to one week.  The Inspire device will be activated approximately four weeks after surgery to give the tissue enough time to heal.


In the properly chosen OSA patient, Inspire therapy is one of the most effective surgical options available. Failures may be the result of other surgeons not accurately identifying the anatomical issues causing the obstruction. This emphasizes the importance of having a proper pre-implant workup which includes having a drug-induced sleep endoscopy (DISE) performed

Satisfaction rates amongst implanted Inspire patients are approximately 90%. Around 80% of all patients demonstrate significant improvement in their apnea. Another benefit of Inspire is that 90% of patients stop snoring. 

For more information on Inspire therapy, click HERE

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Such a good Dr. He finds the problem and gives details on correcting the problem and suggests the routine to get rid of the problem. He will not recommend a surgeon if you don’t need it.

Call the best.  He tweaked my vocal cords and my voice is now exactly where I want it.

Dr. Mark is the best.

He has taken the time to diagnose and understand my husband's health problem. We are grateful for his help.

He is very compassionate, caring, and thorough.

Very knowledgeable, very professional, and always asked if I had any questions. Willing to go the extra mile. I have been seeing him for 7 years and I would recommend him to anyone who needed an ENT.

Excellent Doctor

My doctor is very compassionate to all his patients. I witness this every time I come. I hear how he talks to his staff and interns. A Great mentor. I look for these things in knowing whose hands my care is in. Dr. Mark Shows empathy and he LISTENS, whereas some don't take the time to understand let alone touch the abnormal lumps and nodules, they rush you out to get a pay check. I look for these things. Dr. Mark is excellent in his profession and very knowledgeable in his practice. I trust his medical decisions, and plan of care for treatments. Thank you Dr. Mark Weidenbecher

Very caring Provider. He is the best sleep surgeon in Ohio.

I have had a good experience with Dr. Weidenbecher since he previously did surgery on me. He is very knowledgeable and I would recommend him.

Very knowledgeable Dr. Great with patients and knows his field well

Very nice experience. He answered questions and explained things. Set up a plan of care to address health issues and worked out perfect.

Dr. Weidenbecher was very professional. He explained everything thoroughly. I did not feel rushed with my appointment. I would recommend him to my family and friends.

Very helpful and easy to work with

He takes great care and concern for his patients. Very professional and has a great personality.

This provider is very sincere, dedicated & caring. He wants to help resolve whatever health issue you might have and listens well.

Thorough, compassionate.

He is very thorough. I trust him. I did my surgery and I was so happy with the results.

Dr. Weidenbecher is very thoughtful, informative, and personable

The physician personally called me to discuss the findings on my latest CT Scan and recommended holding off on surgery until further testing.

Always treats me with so much respect and is on time.

Just excellent. No other words.

Don’t look anywhere else. Highly skilled surgeon. I felt so comfortable.



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