Laryngeal Cancer Surgery

​Cancer surgery of the


Cancer of the voice box is the second most common head and neck cancer. Approximately 13.000 new laryngeal cancer patients are diagnosed in the US each year. Voice changes for more than 3 weeks can be an early sign that cancer is growing on the vocal cords. Other common symptoms include pain (in the throat or radiating to the ear) and sometimes breathing or swallowing difficulties. Depending on tumor location and stage, treatment options for laryngeal cancer include surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. 

While the diagnosis of laryngeal cancer can be very frightening for patients, many cancers can be removed with lasers through the mouth with excellent oncologic and voice outcomes while avoiding many of the side effects a 6-week course of radiation therapy has. 

Dr. Weidenbecher is a leading expert in his field with significant experience not only in treating early-stage but also advanced-stage laryngeal cancers by combining open and transoral laser resection and laryngeal reconstruction techniques to preserve laryngeal function and to avoid complete voice box removal. 

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I have had a good experience with Dr. Weidenbecher since he previously did surgery on me. He is very knowledgeable and I would recommend him.


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