Vocal Cord Microsurgery

Microsurgery of the

Vocal Folds

Being able to speak and express yourself is part of how we communicate. Losing your voice can have a significant impact on patient's personal and professional life. 

Vocal fold tissue is extremely delicate and small. Their ability to vibrate normally can be interrupted by small lesions, such as nodules, vocal cord polyps, cysts or tumors, which can cause hoarseness. These lesions should sometimes be removed. On the other hand, if vocal cord surgery is done unskillfully, premanent damage to the vocal folds can result.

​Dr. Weidenbecher is a vocal cord specialist with significant experience in vocal fold surgery, who uses microsurgical techniques and instruments to treat abnormalities on the vibratory edge of the vocal fold thus helping patients to regain their voice. He has treated many voice professionals and singers. 

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Healthy & Happy Patients

Our Satisfied Patients

I have had a good experience with Dr. Weidenbecher since he previously did surgery on me. He is very knowledgeable and I would recommend him.


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